Intro to the Goodnight Sweet Dreams book

Find out how the story and characters are developed for this children’s sound button book.

Jac character concept drawings

Character Development

When I wrote Goodnight Sweet Dreams, I modelled Jac, my main character, after an image I have of my father as a boy. Like Jac, my father is of Indian and Irish heritage. The joy of this is that it might not be noticeable from the illustrations, but this is of little importance. Like my father, Jac is a dreamer, and he is deeply in love with the countryside and nature. In this bed-time story, Jac falls asleep in union with nature, as the animals on the farm curl up against their mums and fall asleep too. The owl hoots gently and the stars sing a lullaby. The little creatures on the farm have beautiful dreams that they share with the reader, as does Jac. The soothing lullaby that accompanies this book will certainly send your little ones deeply into a joyful and dreamy sleep.

Watercolour Illustration

I love the softness of watercolour illustrations. Using this medium has added a sense of gentleness to Goodnight Sweet Dreams, which is a bedtime story.

Illustration Techniques and Styles

Watercolours have played a theme in my most recent two books, Goodnight Sweet Dreams and Lilly and The Venus Flytrap. Lilly is a very gentle little girl who is eager to help whenever she can. She doesn’t think twice before jumping onto a bee’s back and whooshing off on a rescue mission. In contrast to my earlier story, The Mole and The Sunglasses, these two books have a more ethereal element to them that is reflected in the use of watercolour over digital effects. Mr. Mole’s crazy adventure is best depicted in high colour!

The Lilly and the Venus Flytrap book uses subtle watercolour illustrations.