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Juliana grew up in Southern Africa but now lives with her partner, two rabbits and a cat, in a tiny cottage in Hertfordshire.

The young Juliana grew up surrounded by books. As a child, she loved being transported to wonderful, imaginary places.

She writes children’s stories that weave the imaginary and the real, which are both grounded in the relationship that every child has with the natural world.

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The Mole and the Sunglasses book
Lilly & the Venus Flytrap
Goodnight Sweet Dreams Book Cover

The Mole and the Sunglasses

Mr Mole loves his cosy underground home that’s filled with yummy, scrummy, buggy food. He lives on a family farm owned by his dear friends Jac and his mum. He finds himself in quite the predicament though!

We follow Mr Mole as he leaves his home and goes on an unexpected adventure up into the big world above.

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Also available in: Australia (Dymocks), Sweden (Adlibris), Denmark (Saxo) & Japan (Amazon).

Lilly & the Venus Flytrap

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Lilly finds herself smack-bang in the middle of a magical adventure as she is carried off on the back of a rather clever bee who urgently needs Lilly’s help on a most important rescue mission. Lilly’s ingenious solutions, which only a little girl of her age and talent can come up with, mean that they can all go home safely before the end of the night. Was it a dream or was it real? Join Lilly and Mr Bee on their magical adventure to find out!

Lilly and the Venus Flytrap book cover

Goodnight Sweet Dreams

Coming soon!

Goodnight Sweet Dreams Book Cover

Goodnight Sweet Dreams is an interactive and gently soothing story that will prepare sleepy little children for bedtime by taking them into the night-time worlds of Jac and the little animals on the farm as they too get ready for bed.  The little mice sleep under tufts of grass in the meadow and the birds rest under their feathery wings, the lambs curl up against their mums and they all dream while the stars twinkle and sing a night-time lullaby. At the press of a button your little ones can sing along to the starry lullaby and get ready to dream and sleep.

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